Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Release Highlight
With the release of version 0.0.180, the Nexus web portal's Listing Input page now allows for listings to be posted (provided that required fields are filled out). Once a listing is posted, its status may be changed whenever necessary, but it cannot be reverted back to "In Progress." In addition, the Listing Input page now includes a field for concessions, inputs for room levels, further flexibility regarding open houses, and the ability to duplicate listings.
Other Changes
  • Updated the landing page FAQ section
  • Improved performance during generation of listing IDs
  • Builder feed ingestion now handles lot area and rich details
  • Added automated notifications for builders regarding new listings
Release Highlight
With the release of version 0.0.164, the Nexus web portal now includes the Listing Input page. On this page, you can perform manual entry of new listings into the Nexus MLS, which is broken down into various tabs and sections that help guide the user through the listing entry process. In addition, you may upload images and documents related to each listing.
Other Changes
  • Revised role and permission assignments during onboarding process
  • Builders are now included as a user type during onboarding process
  • Improvements in address parsing and handling
  • Fixed issues handling empty Open House data during builder feed ingestion
  • Fixed bug with inaccurate
    values in responses of less than 500 records
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